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performance artist


research, design, teaching

About: Willkommen


I am searching for a sustainable way to exist as an artist mentally, politically and physically.

In my practice I am considering the experience of time and bodies in shared spaces. I repeatedly find myself drawn to creating and investigating performance experiences in the outdoors and semi-natural spaces.

I am now not where I was at the start of my endeavour. Nor am I at the ending. I am further, deeper, and the further I go, the more I become entangled in the web of my creative enquiry.

My ecological endeavour now is to stay aware and active in my artistic practice, to seek exchanges and challenge myself, to be open and ready to notice when the right moment arrives, and to use the resources around me to create.

There is great value in allowing time to pass between a beginning and the now. As Goat Island in their ‘Letter to a Young Practitioner’ invite me: ‘look for long periods of time at your project. Maybe put it away, forget about it, bring it back years later finish it after you have become a different person.’ (2000).

About: Über mich

"Adrift was like stepping into a fiction, or a video game that I didn't know I was missing! Dropped with my parachute and my walky-talky I could amble, stride and creep round Hampstead Heath to my heart's delight. And with a companion too! Adrift made me see my surroundings in a different light. And I made friends with a very beautiful tree. I highly recommend this production to anyone who wants an hour outside of their own head and inside another's dream."

Jasmine Price, MA ATP, about her experience of Adrift Arrival (London, 2019)

About: Quote


MFA Advanced Theatre Practice, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

BA Drama and Theatre Studies, Royal Holloway University of London

About: Bio

I have worked slowly.
I have repeated myself.
I have lost things
and people.
I have given up.
I have found order in the chaos.
I have found solace in trees.
I have returned.
I have remembered.
Still I am wandering.

About: Quote
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